Oct 26, 2014: NEW UPDATE!!!

Hey everyone,

I have not forgot about you! I have been working hard all summer to get you the features you asked for! Check out the video here:

New Functions Added To Howler:
1) Shift Functionality
2) Save/Load Controls
3) Save/Load LEDs
4) Much improved trackball/spinner functionality

Download Howler Conf 0.9b Beta and V0.255 Firmware here:

Firmware Install Instructions (Video):

Have fun, and if you find any bugs, email josh.wolf@wolfwaretech.com

May 5, 2014: A few gross Howler Config bugs fixed

The Howler Config (Now at V0.23) program has been updated (I fixed a couple of pretty gross bugs). As I said before there will be bugs and I will squash them as they come! I am also working on a rather large update to both the firmware and Config program which adds shift functionality, dramatically improved trackball and spinner performance, and also the ability to save controls and LED profiles.

Download the latest version here: http://www.wolfwareeng.com/?page_id=202



Win your very own Howler Arcade Controller!

Hey everyone, Wolfware Technologies Inc now has its own facebook page and would really “like” to have some friends (Since they have none in the real world because they have been spending all their time developing the Howler Arcade Controller)…

As part of the facebook page launch we are giving you TWO opportunities to win your very own Howler Arcade Controller!

The two ways to win are as follows:

1) “Like” the Wolfware Technologies Inc. page and once we hit 1000+ likes we will randomly pick someone who has liked us to win their very own controller!

2) Post a memory of your favourite old school game on ANY system (Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Genesis, PS DOS, Amiga, Arcade). Once we have 100+ posts we will pick the best story and the winner will receive their very own Howler Controller!

Visit the Wolfware Technologies facebook page for more details: http://www.facebook.com/wolfwaretech

Good luck and HAVE fun!

Wolfware Technologies Inc.

April 10: Howlers are Going Worldwide!

The first few batches of Howler Arcade Controllers are making their way into the world, shipping will continue into next week but I am shipping them as fast as I can! For the US orders, Paradise Arcade Shop is also shipping as fast as they can!

I have updated the website with a Downloads section which currently include the “Howler Conf V0.21″ configuration utility. It also includes the current firmware version and will include subsequent versions.

I have also added a tutorial in the Videos section for how to  upgrade the firmware of the Howler. I am sure it will require updating at some point…

As you receive your Howlers and kits, please send me pictures and videos of your cabinets in action so I can show them off on the website! Also, if (when) anyone finds a bug or would like to see a cool new feature with either the firmware or Howler Conf utility please send me an email: josh.wolf@wolfwaretech.com so I can get to work on it ASAP! I will also be releasing the source code as promised soon, I just want to clean it up a bit and add some better comments.

Also, I received a Beta version of LEDBlinky earlier this week and it is working AMAZINGLY well! I will let you know when the release version with Howler support is ready for download!

Also, if anyone is Phoenix, Arizona this weekend and wants to see the Howler built into a cabinet, stop by Zapcon a weekend long classic arcade and pinball party!

I hope everyone enjoys their Howler Arcade Controllers!



Yes, the Howler Arcade Controller is finally shipping! I have been working my ass off to get over 230 boards programmed and tested. I now have enough to ship to all you amazing people who pre-ordered! The past 6 months have been crazy busy but I have learned a lot of what to do, but mostly what NOT to do.

I am sure there are still bugs in the firmware and software but I have made the Howler Controllers USB upgradable and will be uploading a video to www.wolfwaretech.com for a simple step-by-step upgrade process. The current version (0.202) is very stable but I am sure some of you will come up with new features to implement and maybe even find a bug or two. I will also have the Howler Config Program available for download soon (should be up on the website before most of you receive your boards). The creator of LEDBlinky has also been working very hard to support the Howler Controller and it should also be supported by the time you receive your boards.

I am going to be spending the entire weekend packaging up the boards and kits to get ready for shipment. Shipments will begin on Monday, April 7 (only a week later than originally planned!) and will probably take most of the week to get out. I will try to update everyone’s kickstarter backer reports to “Reward Sent” as I send them out. I will be shipping out the Canadian and International orders myself and the wonderful people at Paradise Arcade Shop (Bryan and Susan) will be shipping out all the US orders (they already have all the Howler Controllers needed to do so). They are awesome people and have been a great help on this project.

Please feel free to do an un-boxing on Youtube! If you do, please send me the link. I would also very much appreciate if you could share pictures and videos of your “Howler Inside” arcade machines so I can add them to the website.

Also, I am sure I will be bombarded with questions once people start receiving their Howlers so please don’t get too upset if I don’t answer right away. I will answer as fast as I can and will be putting together a FAQ on the website once I see what the main issues are.

Again if anyone has any questions of concerns, please email me: josh.wolf@wolfwaretech.com

Thanks again to all of you for making this project a reality.


March 27 Update: The Howlers have arrived!

Hey everyone, I finally got the Howlers and have been working my ass off to get them programmed and tested! As you can see, the solder mask is matte black which looks pretty damn sexy (for a circuit board…).

Howlers waiting for testing
Howlers waiting for testing

It currently takes about 10-15 minutes to program and test each one so it will take a bit of time but I should definitely be able to ship all pre-orders before April 15th!

Here is a closeup of the board:

Howler Close Up
Howler Close Up

I hope everyone is as excited to get their Howler Arcade Controllers in the next few weeks as I am to ship them.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please let me know!

Okay back to the one man factory to get these boards ready to go (or the dungeon as my wife calls it…)


March 10th Update – Slight Howler delivery delay…

Hey everyone, after all of my whip cracking (on myself to get the hardware, firmware, and software done and on the vendors to get the parts and boards built on time) it looks like there will still be a delay…

I was supposed to receive the Howler boards early last week but the local manufacturer of the Howler controller informed me that the bare PCBs would be 2 weeks late (because of Chinese new year). That means that I will not be receiving the populated Howler controllers until late next week IF everything goes perfect. Once I receive the boards I have some firmware integration and verification to ensure they are built properly and then I have to program, test, package, and ship each of the 200+ Kickstarter orders. I am estimating that it will take ~10-15 minutes to program, test, and package each board.

The last thing I am going to do is ship out Howler boards that are not 100% operational. To me quality is the number 1 priority, I want to ensure each Howler board exceeds your expectations. The new ship date should be no later than April 15 (assuming everything goes well).

Now for a bit of good news… I have built a test fixture which includes more than 180 spring pins that will allow me to test all 42 control inputs and 96 LED outputs on each Howler controller without having to screw in every wire (which would take FOREVER). Here is a picture of it (it doesn’t look like much but it will ensure each Howler controller is 100% operational):



I have also been working a lot on the Howler Config program which is now > 8000 lines of code… Here is a video of it in action. Please let me know what you think of it and if you have any suggestions. Watch it full screen at 720p to get the best quality.

I am also working on the ability to import a configuration file for the controls so that you can download or make your own custom controls configurations. I will also add this ability for the LEDs as well.

I understand many of you may be upset by this (I would be as well). If anyone has any questions, comments, or just want to vent about the boards being late please send me an email to josh.wolf@wolfwaretech.com . Again, I apologize for this unfortunate delay.


Feb 6 Update – Wolfware Technologies in another news article and project progress

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since the last update. Since the last update Wolfware Technologies has a new logo!

Since the Kickstarter community was so good to me, I decided to use www.designcrowd.com for the logo design. Design crowd is a crowd sourcing site for graphic designers, kind of like Kickstarter for them. I got over 60 submissions and in the end this is the logo that was chosen (I think it is pretty awesome!):

Wolfware Logo
Wolfware Logo

In other news, Wolfware Technologies was featured in another news article in the Calgary Herald (check out the cool shirts):

Click picture to go to article
Click picture to go to article

The article will even be printed in the Calgary Herald on Friday Feb 7th!

As far a progress goes, the board you see in the news article is the pre-production version. I had a few made to ensure there would be no mistakes and sure enough a found a few hardware bugs that I fixed for the production boards! All of the production files are out and the boards should be on the assembly line in the next few weeks. I will take some video of them getting built if anyone is interested.

I still have a fair amount of firmware and software to write but it is coming along nicely. We will be selling the boards on our site www.wolfwaretech.com/?page_id=62 and the kits as well as Howler Controllers will now be sold at www.paradisearcadeshop.com

If anyone has any questions or what to buy a T-Shirt :) send us an email: josh.wolf@wolfwaretech.com

Also, if you want to support Wolfware Technologies you can buy a T-Shirt or Golf Shirt here: ‘Wolfware Swag