Howler Conf V0.92b (BETA) Download: HowlerConf_V0_92b

Howler Conf V0.23 Download: HowlerConfV0_23

Download, unzip and run HowlerConf.exe (HowlerLibrary.dll must be in same directory)


Check out the Video section to see a demo of Howler Conf in Action

Firmware Downloads:

Version 0.255 (BETA) (zip containing hex files for Device IDs 0x6800-0x6803): HOWLER_V0_255

Version 0.202 (zip containing hex files for Device IDs 0x6800-0x6803): HOWLER_FW_V0_202

For multiple Howlers in the same system, each howler MUST be programmed with a different Device ID FW.

Check out the Video section for a Firmware Update Walkthrough


To get the most out of your Howler Arcade Controller, download LEDBlinky: 

Open Source Downloads:

Howler Schematic