Howler Setup


Connect LEDs (EXCEPT TO HP1 AND HP2) ports as shown in figure 1 (LED Anode to ‘5V’ pin, LED Red Cathode to ‘BxR’ pin, LED Green Cathode to ‘BxG’ pin, LED Blue Cathode to ‘BxB’ pin; x is button 1-26). For kits containing the Paradise Arcade Shop BUTTON LEDs, connect the YELLOW wire to ‘5V, the RED wire to ‘BxR’, the GREEN wire to ‘BxG’, and the BLUE wire to ‘BXB’. For the Paradise Arcade Shop LED joysticks connect the BLACK instead of the YELLOW to ‘5V’.

Figure 1: LED Connections

Figure 1: LED Connections

NOTE: FOR HP1 and HP2 High Power LED drive ports a series current limiting resistor MUST be used as shown in Figure 2!

Figure 3: HP LED Connections

Figure 3: HP LED Connections


Connect the switches to the Howler Controller as shown in figure 3. Daisy chain the ‘COM’ or COMMON terminal on each of the switches to a ‘GND’ pin on the Howler Controller. Connect each ‘NO’ or NORMALLY OPEN terminal on each switch to its desired input (B1 – B26, JxD – JxL)


Figure 3: Switch Connection

Analog Joysticks:

Up to 4 (with current firmware) analog inputs are available on the Howler controller. The terminals used for these are J1D, J1U, J1R and J1L. These pins are meant for connection to a variable resistor or potentiometer connected as shown in figure 4. NOTE: DO NOT CONNECT THE VOLTAGE OF THE POTENTIOMETER TO ANY VOLTAGE HIGHER THAN +3.3V. Connect one end of the potentiometer to ‘3V3′, the other end to ‘GND’, and the middle (wiper) to the desired input (J1D, J1U, J1R, J1L)



Figure 4: Potentiometer Connection

Once the potentiometer is connected, the input must be configured as an analog input using the Howler Conf program.

Trackballs and Spinners (Optical Encoders):

There are 3 Optical decoder ports available on the Howler controller. These ports allow you to connect an optical encoder which will act as a mouse input, These ports are located on inputs: J3D & J3U, J3R & J3L, and J4L & J4R.

NOTE: ONLY USE +5V OPTICAL ENCODERS TO THE HOWLER CONTROLLER. For connection of the optical encoder to the Howler, connect the power of the encoder to ‘5V’, the GROUND to ‘GND’ and the 2 PWM output signals to one of the 3 ports: J3D & J3U, J3R & J3L, or J4L & J4R.

Once the optical encoder is connected, the input must be configured as a mouse axis using the Howler Conf program.

NOTE: If the mouse cursor is inverted, swap the PWN output pins.