The Howler Arcade Controller is a All-In-One arcade controller with the following features:

1) 4 joystick ports:

  • Each joystick port consists of 4 inputs (Up, Down, Left, Right). These inputs can be configured as a digital joystick input, keyboard button press, or mouse input for trackball/spinner.
  • Each of the four joystick ports can drive its own RGB LED (+5V@17mA per LED) with 255 levels per colour. This means more than 16.5 million colours per RGB LED!!!

2) 26 button ports:

  • Each button port can be configured as a joystick input, keyboard button press, or mouse button press.
  • Each button port can drive its own RGB LED (+5V@17mA per LED) with 255 levels per colour. This means more than 16.5 million colours per RGB LED!!!

3) 2 High Power RGB LED drives:

  • Two High power RGB LED drives (6 channels total) for driving more power hungry LEDs (Trackball and Marquee illumination)
  • High Power LED drives are capable of driving up to 350mA LEDs. (May be limited by power supply used).

4) Accelerometer:

  • Integrated accelerometer for nudging and bumping in pinball games.
  • Can be configured as either an analog joystick input or a digital joystick input/keyboard button press with a set threshold.

5) USB Upgradable – for future updates or if you want to write your own firmware since the project is open source.

6) Dedicated pins for each input means that all buttons can be activated simultaneously!

7) Howler Config Application which allows unlimited configuration combinations of USB Keyboard, Mouse or Joystick inputs.

Howler Config Application
Howler Config Application

8) Requires only ONE USB connection to the computer. Similar set-ups would require 4 or more USB connections!

9) LEDs can each be individually controlled (255 levels of brightness). Total number of LED channels is 96! Similar set-ups would require 3 or more LED driver boards!  The series current limiting resistors are also included on the PCB for all button and joystick RGB LEDs. The resistors are set for +5V 17mA LEDs. No external series resistors required, just plug in the RGB LED and go! Common Anode RGB LEDs are required and diffused LEDs are recommended.

10) Working on command line program (future feature) that would integrate with popular front ends so that each game would light up the buttons and joystick based on their original configuration. (i.e. If you are playing TMNT Arcade, the controls would light up BLUE for Leonardo, RED for Raphael, ORANGE for Michelangelo, and PURPLE for Donatello). This program will also offer various LED illumination effects (sweep, bloom, chase, etc)

11) No Soldering Required! All connections are screw terminal connections that accept 20AWG-30AWG wires.

12) Up to 4 controllers can be connected to a system for up to 104 buttons and 16 joysticks.